Our Wrongs and Our Rights

I Need To Clear My Head (by Polaris Castillo)


I Need To Clear My Head (by Polaris Castillo)

Boston adventures

Boston adventures



What is it we are doing here,
This place is cold as ice;
Such morbid feelings we hear,
Survival itself seems a dear prize.
The winds are feirce,
Fragile but sharp;
Their voices carry, and god does it pierce
My ear drums like a harp.
All we can hear are cries,
The snow angered with our emergance.
As we are mocked by the tides,
Wishing to kill us with every glance.
This planet scares me half to death,
At such a young age;
I try and grasp to every breath,
Unsure if this is my last page.
It wants to kill us,
We’ve harmed it quite savagely.
It can no long trust us,
Nor could we trust ourselves.

And as the blood rushes away from my flesh, all my pains seem to fall asleep.

Teenage population

Teenage population

Grammy Margaret

Grammy Margaret


“Karora” by ClaraBacou

At this point-

I’m not sure if I should let go

Or take this shit and stay.

I see now,

More than ever,

You’ve been hiding things.

I must admit

Your thought process,

Well, it’s magnificent.

You find ways to twist things

So everything goes your way,

And we all feel it’s right.

But god almighty,

I swear I’ve caught you;

All of your wrongs are here with me.

In a little book

Locked away,

Right here in my head.

I must say,

That now more than ever before

Your face seems to be silicone,

And your eyes nothing but black.

I thought you’d always be there,

But you weren’t there to begin with.